is a movement of mission mobilization of Baptist youths across APBF. 2,000,000 Baptist youths mobilized in a cross-cultural mission trip by 2040.


The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation

The ABF changed its name with the addition of 'Pacific' and became to be known as the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation when It adopted its current name in 2007 after a resolution was approved during the ABF Congress held in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand from 2 May - 6 May 2007.

As a region of the BWA, it was necessary under the constitution of the Alliance that the Federation should be served by an Associate Secretary of the Alliance. The Congress appointed Alan C. Prior to be the first Associated Secretary for Asia. Which office he would fulfill until 1980. Dr. W. G. Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka was elected to the office of the first President of the Federation.

General Secretaries

Rev Alan Prior, who previously was a Vice President of the BWA from 1960-65, was Secretary from 1970-80 of what was to be called the Asia Baptist Federation. It was recognized that without his initiative and drive and sheer hard work the APBF would not have been established.

The following are the General Secretaries of ABF now APBF:

  • Rev. Alan Prior from Australia (1970-1980).
  • Rev. Edwin Lopez from Philippines (1980-97).
  • Rev. Bonny Resu from India (1997-2017).
  • Rev. Dr. Vesekhoyi Tetseo from Japan (2017 - Present).

Bringing Oneness

Bringing oneness to Baptist people because we are stronger when we work together

Living Lives

Living lives that are fully dependent on God in obedience to The Word and The Spirit

Doing Our Best

Doing our best because it honours God and inspires others


Committed to being honest, transparent, accountable and above reproach