Catalyst Ripple Emerging Leadership Training (ELT) contains 12 materials about Christlike Leadership that will equip our new-young leaders to lead and serve their community. The materials are well prepared and presented by APBF, APBY, and Baptist organization leaders who are practicing their own words in their leadership. This 12 weeks training will be facilitated by your own convention / local church leader.


Please pay attention on the qualifications of the Catalyst Ripple ELT participants:

  • Facilitated by a convention or local church (youth) leader who is committed to lead the participants to grow in Christ. The lesson should be followed by participants who are committed to participating in every lesson.
  • Participants age at the time of registration is between 15-40
  • One (1) study group / cohort consists of a maximum of 15 persons.
  • Each convention or local church can have more than one study group / cohort that is led by different facilitators.
  • After each lesson, each participant needs to write a short lesson summary in a form given by APBF.
  • Facilitators are committed to track the growth of each participant cohort they are leading.


Facilitators are committed to:

  • Lead the study group / cohort to grow in Christ and follow the Catalyst Ripple materials from start to end.
  • Track the growth of each participant they are leading.
  • Make a schedule of the training and run the training on time.
  • Remind the participants to follow all the lessons and do the task given.
  • Input the correct and actual data of every participant who is joining the training.

Participants are committed to:

  • Participate in every lesson based on the timeline given by their facilitators.
  • Write a short lesson summary everytime each lesson is done.

Terms and Condition

  • Certificates of accomplishment will be given for those who participate in minimum 80% of the training session.